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Star & Maya


Meet Maya and Star, an inseparable pair of husky sisters who are on a heartfelt journey to find their forever home together. These dynamic sisters share an unbreakable bond that brings balance and joy to their lives. Thriving on the thrill of adventure, the two Huskies are always ready to embark on new escapades, making them the perfect companions for anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle.

Maya exudes wisdom and guidance, while Star brings a youthful spirit and endless enthusiasm to their dynamic duo. Their synergy is a true testament to the unbreakable bond between siblings. Both Maya and Star are fueled by the excitement of exploration and the joy of exercise. Whether it’s hiking through scenic trails, playing fetch in the park, or running along the beach, these sisters are always up for an adventure.

But what truly sets Maya and Star apart is their shared capacity for love. Their affectionate nature extends not only to each other but also to fellow dogs, making them the ideal companions for families with other canine friends. With their magnetic personalities, they’ll undoubtedly charm their way into the hearts of everyone they meet.

Maya and Star’s dream is simple yet profound—to find a loving forever home where they can continue their journey together, sharing life’s ups and downs, adventures, and cherished moments. If you’re seeking a pair of four-legged adventurers who embody the spirit of companionship, look no further than Maya and Star. Open your heart and home to these incredible husky sisters, and you’ll be rewarded with a lifetime of unconditional love, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

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2 yrs




40 lbs







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