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Sadie & Ella


Please note this is a courtesy post, not a Much Love dog. That means that we are networking the dog on behalf of a third party, but will not be making final decisions about adoption.

For a courtesy post, please do not fill out our application, instead reach out directly to the third party. To adopt me please reach out to Ashley Hoffmann at (314) 315-6065.

Sadie, the shepherd mix, and Ella spaniel mix were found on a highway together. We located the owner, and they never came to get them. They deserve better!

Both Ella and Sadie love each other. We want to adopt them out together. They are shy at first but so sweet and gentle. They are very low-maintenance dogs and are happy being together and cuddling. They are both two years old, are up to date on shots, microchipped, and healthy. They both need to be spayed.

They have learned to walk on a leash and are potty trained. Sadie is fine in a crate, and Ella is, too, as long as they are together. Ella is very bonded with Sadie, and Sadie cleans Ella every day.

Pet Details




2 years


Shepard Mix & Spaniel Mix


Sadie 54 lbs & Ella 24lbs


White/Black & Brown/Black


Solid & Patches


Short & Medium

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