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This is a courtesy post only: to adopt Rocco or for more information please contact Natalie Wood at: (916)621-8872 or 

Rocco came into our lives when we took him in from an abusive and neglectful home. Throughout the last couple of months since we took him in, we have seen Rocco flourish into a loving and playful dog who wants to be near you at all times! If he needs something he will let you know. He does need a period of adjustment to new people as he can be mildly fearfully aggressive at times, but everyone who has gained his trust enjoys his company. While he loves being with you at all times, he is also capable of being left alone while you run your errands. He is capable of so many things. Among other things, Rocco is kennel trained, muzzle trained, and potty trained. He knows commands such as sit, down(lay-down), up, off, leave it, walk, and a few others that he”s still getting the hang of. He is very food and toy driven. We have tried to give him a variety of experiences, from which we have come to learn that he loves bodies of water, and walks in nature so he’s a perfect buddy for those who enjoy the outdoors. Some animals he has interacted are dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and birds. He has never tried to harm or expressed aggression towards any animal, but he can be a little overwhelming with small animals because he gets too excited to interact with them and occasionally shows excitement reactivity on walks. Rocco adapted quickly to living in our home which consists of three cats and another dog. He has never interacted with children. Fully vaccinated, and microchipped, but he is not fixed. An ideal home for him would be someone with experience with large dogs who are reactive and full of energy. He does well living with dogs and cats.For more information and/or to set up a meet, contact Natalie Wood at: (916)621-8872 or 

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1.5 years


Siberian Husky/XL Bully Mix









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