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Please note this is a courtesy post, not a Much Love dog. That means that we are networking the dog on behalf of a third party but will not be making final decisions about adoption.

For a courtesy post, please do not fill out our application. Instead, reach out directly to the third party. To adopt me, please reach out to Nina Sussman

"We found this sweet boy on October 7th in an alley in South Central LA. He was following a bicycle man, but I could tell it wasn't his; when we approached the man, he said the dog had been following him for two days. I gave him water, and he was so thirsty. The man gladly put the dog in our car, and we were off.

He immediately showed his sweet temper by putting his paws on me.

We introduced him to our other dogs (we have three), and they all got along.

The next day, we took care of some fleas with flea Medication and a Flea Bath.

His personality is charming and loving overall. He did start to show some anxiousness and barks at other dogs when I walk him on a leash, but once he encounters the other dogs, he wants to play. It almost looks like he wants to "heard them." he might have some sheepdog in him.

He sleeps with us in our bed and is part of our pack until we find him a good, loving home. I take him to the grass every 4 hours, and he does his business there. He does growl to cats but does not attack.

Would do very well in a household with other dogs."

Pet Details




1 year


Australian Shepard/ Papillion Mix


15 lbs


White and Brown





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