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Please note this is a courtesy post, not a Much Love dog. That means that we are networking the dog on behalf of a third party, but will not be making final decisions about adoption.

For a courtesy post, please do not fill out our application, instead reach out directly to the third party. To adopt me please reach out OR text 443-812-9927.

Meet Freyja, a tripawd Husky that has won her way into many hearts. She is a sweetheart that flourishes in an outdoor environment with plenty of fresh air, grass, and shade to lounge in. Her favorite activities involve walking in the park, sunbathing, and, most of all, belly rubs. Freyja is a stoic goddess who values affection and snuggles above all else.

She is an avid explorer and hunter; it would be best if she ends up in a no "prey" household (aka, no cats, rabbits, or other small critters.) She has an affinity for smaller dogs and loves to play and let them jump on her, but it would be advised not to mix her with other huskies/large dominant dogs, as she is protective of her owner and their affection.

She does very well around children, loves female owners/visitors, and may "woo" at gentlemen, but she will come around once they are willing to show her attention.

This girl has battled through too much and deserves a loving home that will shower her with the tender care and respect she has fought for. Please give this sweet girl a chance.

Freyja has been named the Norse goddess of battle and love, a perfectly fitting name for her, as she is fiercely affectionate and trusting.

Pet Details




1.5 years


Siberian Husky


42 lbs






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