Wondering about spaying or neutering your pet?

There are many great reasons to spay and neuter your pets.  In Los Angeles, as of October 1, 2008 it is THE LAW if your pet is 4 months of age or older.  Visit www.laanimalservices.com for more information.

Please see a Top Ten List by one of our veterinarian friends, Dr. Karen Halligan, on why you should spay or neuter your pet!

Top ten (well, eleven) reasons to spay your dog or cat:

  1. Spaying greatly increases her life span. The average lifespan of an altered pet is 40% longer!
  2. Decrease her chance of developing breast cancer to almost zero if you spay before her first heat cycle, which usually begins at six to seven months of age.
  3. Eliminate the risk of dying of uterine or ovarian cancer.
  4. Eliminate the chance she will develop a pyometra (uterine infection.)
  5. Decrease your vet bills.
  6. Increase your pet’s quality of life.
  7. Prevent irrational mood swings and undesirable behavior caused by heat cycles, including pacing, crying, and trying to escape.
  8. Curtail bleeding on carpet and furniture.
  9. Help decrease pet overpopulation.
  10. Make your pet more social.
  11. Make your pet happier and give her a better overall temperament.

Top ten reasons to neuter your dog or cat:

  1. Approximately 80% of all pets hit by cars are males that are not
  2. Neutered pets are more social with other dogs and thus have less aggression, which in turn means less fighting.
  3. Neutered pets live longer because they have fewer health problems
    such as prostatitis, testicular or rectal cancer, and perineal
  4. Neutered pets have fewer veterinary bills.
  5. Your neutered dog won’t be seeking romance with your company’s legs
  6. Neutering eliminates sexual frustration, so your pet will be
    friendlier and more relaxed.
  7. Neutered cats and dogs are less likely to mark their territory.
  8. Neutered pets are better protection animals because they’re not
    worrying about roaming the streets to mate.
  9. Neutered pets have fewer behavioral problems like digging, fighting,
    and escaping.
  10. Neutered pets will increase the importance of you in their lives.

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