Why do we do homechecks?

You’re in love.  You’ve found the perfect pet at a Much Love Animal Rescue adoption and can’t wait to bring your new buddy home.  You fill out an application, answering questions like “Are you prepared to cover all vet expenses?” and “How many hours a day will the dog be left alone?”  Now there’s one more step – the homecheck.  A Much Love volunteer will come to your home and… check for what, exactly?IMG00089-20100801-0958

                  The most important issue is safety.  If the house has a yard, is it securely fenced in?  Are there screens on the windows?  If not, is the applicant willing to fix any problems?   The Much Love representative also considers if the dog or cat will be a good fit for this particular home.  A shy, nervous animal might not do well in a busy house with kids and friends constantly passing through.  A more outgoing pet would love it. 

                 doggie L 2 The homecheck is also a second opportunity to talk about the applicant’s expectations for the new pet.  Animals can be expensive, time-consuming and messy.  Is he or she prepared to deal with dog hair everywhere?   It’s especially important with first-time pet owners to be sure they understand what they’re getting into.  The applicant also has another chance to ask questions that might not have come up at the mobile adoption.  When the homecheck is approved, the new pet owner pays the adoption fee and signs a contract to make it official.

                  Much Love’s goal with every adoption is to make the right match between owner and pet.  The organization will always take a dog or cat back if there are problems, but the ideal is to find a forever home for every animal.

– Lisa Klink

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