What is better than rescuing a dog? Rescuing TWO! An update on COOKIE & TUCKER!

Thank you Tara for keeping in touch and, we agree, the more dogs the better!

Dear Much Love,
February 9th is a big day in the lives of Cookie & Tucker.  Two years ago today they came to live here with me.
And it is also is their 10th birthday!
When I called Much Love, a little over 2 years ago, to offer myself as a foster parent,  I was very clear that I would only be able to foster 1 dog and  I was adamant that,  as much as I wanted to have a dog, I WOULD NOT be keeping it.
After my home check, I went on line to see the dogs who needed fostering and came across a picture of Tucker and fell in love.  His bio said “I really need to stay with my sister Cookie.”  I scrolled over to look at her.  Cookie is very camera shy and she looked pretty mean in her picture so I thought…well, I don’t want her, I just want him.  But my very wise friend who has never had less than 2 dogs, said, “Don’t be an a**hole, just foster them both.”
And so I did.  And 5 minutes after I brought them home we were sitting in my backyard as though we had been doing that every afternoon for years.  I called Much Love about an hour later to say I would be keeping Cookie and Tucker.   And that was, hands down, the best decision I have ever made.
2 years later Tucker fancies himself the Mayor of Venice.  He says hello to everyone and stops in all the shops on Abbot Kinney to see if they have any treats for him, and they usually do.  Cookie, the sweetest, funniest girl I have ever known,  is a bit more reserved, but those who know her well agree, she is the most charming lady around.
Many thanks to Much Love and especially to Samantha Lewis, Cookie and Tucker’s guardian angel, for being able to see past the sad eyes of these temporarily defeated older dogs and for recognizing them for the angels they are and for making sure they landed where they belong…with me.
We are so glad that we can celebrate their 10th year!
Cookie & Tucker

Cookie & Tucker

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