We have kittens!

It’s Kitten season!

While it is no secret that it is kitten season this time of year,  this is one of the worst seasons in years. It is truly shocking the amount of kittens entering our city shelters this year on an hourly basis.  There is just not enough room for all of them and disease spreads quickly due to the overcrowding. They are being euthanized by the dozen.  It’s heartbreaking. Sadly all the rescue groups are inundated as well.  With limited funds, there are just so many we can all rescue.  Much Love Animal Rescue is no exception.  After a visit to the South central Shelter Much Love Animal Rescue has 8 new kittens needing donations and homes. We will not be unable to rescue anymore unless we can pay for and place these first.

Email info@muchlove.org for more information.

(As of 7/7 – Chianti & Merlot are still available)

To see all of the kittens available @ our local shelters go to www.laanimalservices.com.

If you would like to help donate to the care of our kittens, please click below.

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