We give thanks for YALE and all the animals!

We received this wonderful note and pictures from YALE’S (now Rocco’s) owners Kristen and Tom. I don’t think anyone will mind that we are posting ALL the pictures sent because Rocco is so darn cute! Thank you Kristen and Tom for giving him such a wonderful home!

“Tom and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for rescuing “YALE” now “Rocco” 1 year ago this week from the South Central Shelter. We couldn’t have wished for a better little dog. He’s the most affectionate, sweet and perfect dog. He brings us so much happiness, love and kisses everyday. He loves the dog park, dog beach, little kids and babies too, which is so great for a little dog like him!! Honestly, everyday we say “we’re just soooo lucky to have him!!” Thanks again Stacy for saving his life….and making ours complete. I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!”

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