Vivacious Vixen is our Cat of the Month!

Vixen is the perfect cat! She  is a young adult who loves to play, and her foster mom reports that she is beyond sweet and friendly to everyone she meets. She has a gorgeous smokey grey coat and dazzling eyes! Her foster mom has much to say about Vixen, here is her description of this unique and fun-loving cat: Vixen loves to play with a toy, a reed, or her foster brother. He’s younger and much bigger but she always wins. She loves her scratching post (sits atop it, leans over to pick at it) and is teaching her brother to use it instead of the bed. (Thank you, Vixen!) She lets you know when their bowl is empty or brother is getting into trouble. She’s a very smart little girl! Her coat is unusual, not really grey but black-tipped hair over a soft white undercoat giving her a smokey look, and she loves to be brushed. She makes feline friends quickly but takes her time with two-legged ones, climbing into your bed at night, rubbing up against you and sometimes just talking to you. Because of her talking and her size her foster mom sometimes calls her “Pip-Squeak.” She follows her big brother around like his shadow. She would love to be with other cat(s) or younger people with lots of energy to play with her. When Vixen finds her forever home, both foster mother and big brother will miss her.

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