Meet Lucy and Kayden,

KaydenThese two beautiful girls were adopted from Much Love Animal Rescue when they were tiny kittens about 8 years ago into what we thought was a loving home. Sadly they were just returned OVER 8 YEARS LATER.  We were told the owners had developed allergies suddenly! As a rescue organization we don’t have a choice but to take in the unwated animals from homes we thought would be forever.  We don’t want them ending up at shelters, or worse.  So now poor Lucy and Kayden are homeless.  Living in a volunteer’s garage.  Not understanding what has happened after all these years.  It is heartbreaking.  They deserve better.

Lucy and Kayden are both beautiful cats.  They are both very sweet and affectioate and are both in good health (although Lucy could lose a few pounds).  Kayden, the Tortie, loves to be held while Lucy loves to rub up against you and be petted.  They get along great with each other and even like dogs! Because they are a bit older, they are very mellow and don’t need much.  A safe home where they will be cared for and loved. They will make someone wonderful companions.

Lucy catWe are quite desperate to find them a place to go, even temporarily.  If you are interested in adopting or fostering them, please contact us at either Info@muchlove.org ,or me directly at rsecunda@icmpartners.com.  If not please forward along.

Please help to give these girls a happy ending to their story.

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