Update on PUMPKIN!

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We at Much Love were so sad to hear of long time Much Lover NORA passing away at the end of 2009.  She was with us for so long and everyone passed her over – not appreciating her gentle nature, kindness, and great personality.  We were thrilled when Kit & Annabelle came along and gave her the best home we could ever hope for!  So, when they came by an adoption in December, we jumped at the chance to put another lucky dog in their home!  Yay for Pumpkin!

A note from Kit & Annabelle:

Just before Christmas, shortly after losing our wonderful Nora , we stopped in to “visit” with the Much Love volunteers in Santa Monica. They immediately started parading out several “candidates”, even though we kept explaining that we were not interested in adopting again until after the HOLIDAYS.

As we prepared to leave, I found a couple of stowaways in my truck – volunteer Jude was sitting in the back and was holding Bella (Formerly Pumpkin). She said “just look in her eyes and tell her she can’t come home with you”. She also mumbled something about fostering for about a week and “just give her a chance” and other things.

Bella (Formerly Pumpkin) has turned out to be one of the smartest and most affectionate dogs I have ever owned. (Great pressure sales technique).

Thank you for your wonderful work and thank you for introducing us to Bella (Formerly Pumpkin). She’ll be with us for a long time and she will be traveling all over the United States, in the back of our van.

Much Love,

Kit & Annabelle Chape’

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