Top 10 Reasons Jessica & Asher LOVE ML Dog – Rosie!

rosie3I will never forget the day that I met my K9 soul mate.  Rosie (formerly Fern) was a vision at the weekend adoption, basking in the summer sun while greeting everyone with a happy tail wag.  The moment I saw Rosie I knew she was a gem; good-natured, playful, smart, and affectionate- Rosie has the entire package.  I could only begin to imagine what unfortunate turn of events landed Rosie, the sweetest dog in the world, at a shelter.

I later learned that Much Love rescued Rosie from a high-kill animal shelter where she was set to be euthanized for two simple reasons- Rosie is a pit bull and Rosie has three legs.  The national media has been relentless in their negative (and often inaccurate) reporting of the breed and as a result, wonderfully balanced and social pit bulls are put to death in shelters across America because people are afraid to adopt them.

It is my hope that by sharing 10 of my favorite things about Rosie, others may gain some insight into the endearing qualities of the properly socialized pitbull and become open to adopting a pitty mix of their own.

Our top 10 favorite things about Rosie…

10. Rosie is a social butterfly!  Dogs, cats, squirrels, kids, people- everyone is a potential friend in Rosie’s eyes

9. Rosie loves to cuddle, if I let her, she would live in my lap

8. Rosie snores like a chain-saw, but now I can’t sleep without that soothing sound

7. Rosie is exceptionally gentle with kids and babies

6. Rosie can stand on her back legs and dance on command

5. Rosie is absolutely unaware of her disability- it can provide a lot of perspective!

4. Rosie shares her toys and treats with other dogs, I swear!

3. Rosie lets me dress her in whatever outfit I want- I know it is not nice, but she looks so cute in clothes

2. Rosie smiles with her whole face when she is happy

1. Rosie is grateful for every meal, every walk, and every pet- rescue dogs always are

Rosie is pit bull ambassador and she has brought so much love, delight, and fulfillment into our lives!

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