Top 10 Most Common Medical Conditions reported in cats & dogs

By Dr. Karen Halligan
A large percentage of the most common ailments in cats and dogs can be prevented with proper diet, care and exercise.  Here is a list of the ten most common medical conditions reported in cats and dogs, and the ways you can help prevent them!Sick-Dog-300x230

  1. Dental Disease – prevented by daily tooth brushing and yearly dental exams by your vet.
  2. Ear infections – regular ear cleanings can help prevent infections.
  3. Bladder infections – avoided by feeding a proper diet and adequate water intake.
  4. Stomach upset – prevented by feeding a proper diet and not giving table scraps.
  5. Skin irritation – providing adequate flea control, brushing and a proper diet will prevent skin problems.
  6. Kidney disease – feeding a proper diet and ensuring your pet drinks enough water can help ward off this disease.
  7. Arthritis – exercise keeps joints healthy and can slow the onset by preventing your pet from becoming overweight.
  8. Upper respiratory disease – proper vaccinations will prevent some infections.
  9. Diabetes – not letting your pets get fat will help prevent this disease.
  10. Intestinal disease – again, proper diet and avoiding table scraps will prevent intestinal problems.

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