Tiny WINNIE has a big heart!

winneThis is all about Winnie, and that’s appropriate because in our house life is a pretty much all about Winnie – at least SHE thinks so.
We brought her home from “Much Love” on Oct. 30, 2010.  I was afraid of getting a Chihuahua that barked all the time, and she won my heart because she was so quiet and friendly – in spite of the fact that she had this funny overbite (an understatement) and looked like she was part meerkat.  They judged her to be 2 years old, but she was a puppy at heart.  She made herself comfortable right from the start, and was happy to find a big sister Basenji to live with.
Her hair that was once coarse, now feels like silk.  She loves everyone and greets people at the door.  She sleeps under the electric blanket with me every night, and cuddles up on my lap to watch TV.  Her favorite thing in the morning is to snuggle into the top of my bathrobe and walk around opening up the house and inspecting it all from her cozy vantage point.  She loves her big sister Basenji and gives her kisses every morning.  Above all, Winnie keeps her (the Basenji is 14!) young, and they play together all day.  Wee Winnie might be tiny, but her heart is five times her size.  She is the SPARK under this roof.
Thank you for bringing her into my life.  I am so grateful she found me through “Much Love”.  She brightens every day.

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