Tiny WATSON needs big help

watson2-300x199We always have a “plan” when we go to the shelter and pull dogs and cats.  How many we can take, what size our fosters are available to take, if we can take puppies or kittens, etc.  And without fail, we are on our way out and there is one more that pulls our hearts and we can’t leave without!

The vet at the South LA Shelter brought out Watson to us and asked us if we could save him.  His owners dropped him at the shelter covered in mattes and with a ruptured eye.  He might have been kicked or dropped – they don’t know.  He had been sitting in the back in the ISO room for days.  No one could see him so no one was going to adopt him!  And, with that eye – his days were numbered.

We took him immediately to VCA Wilshire where they promptly gave him a bath and he will have his painful eye removed tomorrow by Dr. Lavac and be on the road to recovery.

He is so, so, so sweet and submissive.  He doesn’t make a peep.  He is tiny and is so content just being held in your arms.  This boy deserves some pampering!

If you can donate to his care – please click below.  The surgery and recovery will run about $500-$1000.  Watson could use your help!  Thank you!

Happy update 3/2 – Watson’s wonderful foster has decided to adopt him!  Yay!

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