The Grey Poupon of Pooches…MUSTARD!

mustardWe thought ML mutt MUSTARD was the Grey Poupon of pooches!  So do his newly married mom and dad!   Great update from his happy home…

We adopted Mustard on 1/23/2010, but renamed him Ryno…. My husband would tell you that he bought him for me as an Xmas Present to put off buying me a wedding ring, it backfired on him as Ryno only brought us all that much closer and expedited the marriage proposal.  Ryno was “my” dog upon adoption, lived with me and remains my #1 baby!  My husband Bob quickly moved in and we became a family.  I would take that dog everywhere if I was allowed.  Sure he has his issues, and we’ve done some training with him, but loud noises scare me too and who really likes skateboards anyway.  But he truly is woman’s best friend, protector and so much a part of a family that he wore a tux for our wedding and even though he wasn’t allowed in the church or the reception hall, he is in many of our pictures.  I go out of my way to make sure he has doggie play dates, gets only the best grass and nice long walks, when in reality I think he is happiest at home on the couch snuggled up against you.  He will be welcoming a little brother (actually baby not a puppy) shortly and only imagine how well he will treat our little guy (or at least hope he will). 

– Jill & Bob


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