TEDDY – One Very Special Pitbull

teddy5The first thing you notice about Teddy is that his tail doesn’t stop wagging.  He greets everyone with his tail going a million miles an hour.  Then, you notice his amazing green eyes.  Next, his beautiful coloring.  Lastly, if you hang out with him for even 1 minute – you notice how incredibly sweet and friendly and gentle and happy this special boy is.

Teddy came to Much Love in a sorry state.  If any of you receive our emails or are regulars on our site, you know about Teddy.  Teddy was dropped off by a good samaritan at ASEC with mangled testicles.  We don’t want to think about how that all happened – but all we know is that the minute we sent out a plea to raise money to help Teddy- the outpouring of love and support was astounding.  I’ve been involved in rescue a long time now, and it’s times like these when it all becomes even more worthwhile.  When friends, strangers, and animal lovers come together to help an animal.  We can never thank all of the people enough who donated to his cause!

Teddy had his surgery and he is doing GREAT!  He has made full recovery and is loving life!  His foster mom says he is playful, silly, lovable, loves her 2 dogs – actually loves everyone.

Now, if we were going to stereotype this breed – one would think this Pitbull would be pretty vicious after living on the street for awhile in LA and having humans treat him badly.  But, no.  Teddy has proven this stereotype of the “vicious Pitbull” wrong yet again.  He holds no grudges.  He is ALL love and has moved on and just wants to be happy and have fun.  He can teach us all a thing or two about forgiveness.  I’m having a hard time forgiving whoever did this to him – but whenever I get the big sloppy kisses from Teddy or have him plop down on my lap and look at me with those gogeous eyes – I try to put that all behind me and just be thankful for Teddy and for all of the nice people in the world who saved his life and allowed him to become the dog that he is.

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