Teach Your Children Well: Foster An Animal For Much Love This Holiday Season!

girl bottle feeding kittenFostering or adopting a pet can be as valuable to the animal as it is to the adoptive family. For children, especially, the lessons that come with fostering or adopting an animal can have both immediate and long-term benefits.

Here are five reasons why fostering or adopting a dog or cat is a great option for families with children:

1. It demonstrates to kids that sometimes others need to come first.

2. It teaches children responsibility through regularly needing to walk, feed, clean, etc. the pet.

3. It encourages accountability knowing that another life is depending on them.

4. It allows youngsters to learn to prioritize how they want to spend their time (ie. watch TV or play with Buddy).

5. It gets kids accustomed to animals and their behaviors so that they have a love and appreciation for animals throughout their lives.

boy and dogIn addition to these positive life lessons, children learn the importance of fostering/adopting versus buying a pet – a standard that we here at Much Love think deserves to be passed along from generation to generation. For more information about fostering a pet from Much Love, please visit http://www.muchlove.org/foster/, or if you are interested in adopting, please click here: http://www.muchlove.org/?types=dog&status=adopt.