Shop on Facebook to help Much Love

MUCH-LOVE-dog-holds-gavelWe’re excited to announce a year-round way to help Much Love when you shop for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, special events or just because you deserve something nice!

The auction tab on our Facebook page will offer products, services and experiences with all the proceeds benefiting Much Love Animal Rescue.
Just look for our adorable dog “Judge” holding the gavel on our Facebook page or click here to get to the auction.
Your shopping may be tax-deductible (depending upon your tax situation), but is guaranteed to help needy dogs and cats!

We are always looking for items to add to our auction too.Here are some examples of great donations which may cost you nothing but give you a great tax-deduction and help Much Love!
    • You feel awkward selling your late mother’s jewelry, but you’ll never wear it and it’s just sitting in the safe.  She was an animal lover and you know it would’ve brought her great joy to help homeless dogs and cats.
    • You work in entertainment and have lots of unused swag sitting in your closet such as signed posters, DVD sets, clothing with company logo, signed script, autographed guitars, etc.  We can put together a “package” to clean the clutter, lower your taxes and help the Much Love!
    • You receive a lot of perks (lucky you!) such as restaurant gift certificates, airline miles or travel packages that you would much rather receive a tax deduction for than use yourself.  We can combine your donation with similar donations to create a super-sized travel/spa/foodie package!

Email if you can help.  Thank you!