ROOTBEER – showing her town Pitbulls are great!

Here’s a picture of Ruby and I.  She’s the local favorite in our neighborhood (Rose Ave, btwn 5th & 6th) and everyone loves seeing her because whenIMG_3630 she sees someone she knows (or someone new, for that matter), her entire body wags she’s so happy. It’s a shame dogs like her get such a bad rap (pit mix) because she simply could not be a friendlier, more loving dog. And that’s true of all the pits we’ve met in the area – they, like all of us, just want to be loved.

When we adopted Ruby her name given by Much Love was Root Beer. We had to change her name to make her our own and thought Ruby sounded a lot like Root Beer while also being perfect for her because, well, she’s a gem.

Thank you Much Love for rescuing such an amazing dog!

Fleming & Samantha & Ruby

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