PRETZEL grows into her perfect family

328550_981030110647_1617468_43330103_351329795_oHi Much Love,

We adopted Mulligan (formerly known as Pretzel) in November 2010, and she has since become the center of our world. We have driven her across the country twice since because we couldn’t stand to leave her in a kennel or risk flying her in cargo when we went home to Tennessee for the holidays.
She had an insane level of puppy/terrier energy when we got her, but she has since developed into a very well behaved genius dog who loves all animals and people. She understands practically everything we say, knows at least 40 distinct commands, and is better potty trained than my fiance. IMG_1581
She is the best watch/guard dog ever and has even learned to lock the deadbolt (a skill which she first implemented while I was at the grocery store, resulting in a team of building security breaking the doors in). Her favorite thing in life is to play with other dogs, but she has almost as much fun going from person to person at parties and leaning against their legs until they either fall over or pet her. We have to spell the word “walk” because she goes nuts when she hears it, whether it’s directed at her or not, but her idea of the perfect walk is one in which she runs alongside our bikes, attached by a WalkyDog bike leash. She has a need for speed. She is 53 pounds now but thinks she is a lap dog and likes to sit in our laps upright like a human. She also had a bizarre desire and ability to do summersaults.
IMG_2189Mulligan has changed our lives for the better, and we cannot imagine what life would be without her now. Thank you for saving her and for giving us the opportunity to make her a part of our family.
Mulligan has her own facebook page, too
– Holly

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