Please help PEEP!

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We rescued this sweet little chihuahua mix from the South LA Shelter on Wednesday.   She broke our hearts because she was hiding under the elevated bed in her run!   Sadly, we now have an idea why she was cowering.

On Thursday night we rushed to her the emergency vet because she was having trouble breathing and was in distress.   The vet quickly concluded it appeared her liver was up in her chest – and this could only happen if she was forcefully kicked or hit in the last few days.  After an emergency surgery on Thursday night – it was confirmed the liver was almost completely pushed into her chest & it was twisted onto itself. Both lungs were collapsed & there was a lot of fluid in her chest.  A large tear was also repaired.

Peep is off oxygen & her lungs expanded on their own after surgery.  The next 48 hours will tell us more.  Please send your positive thoughts for her!  She is so small and cute and sweet and really deserves a second chance for a loving home!

3/14 – Peep is doing well!  Back at regular vet.  Seems to be recovering nicely.  She is a brave girl!  SO SWEET!

This surgery cost us about $5000.  Any donations would be greatly appreciated!

[paypal-donation reference=”Peep”]

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