Please don’t declaw your cat

scratching_postDeclawing your cat is a big decision as if affects your cat’s entire lifestyle.  We at Much Love Animal Rescue highly recommend not to declaw your cat and find other means of preventing their use in the home.  Declawing is labeled inhumane all over the rest of the world, and it is illegal in almost all of Europe.

Many reasons in contradiction to declawing are given.  First and foremost, declawing is painful with a long recovery period and has been called “mutilation” by many veterinarians.  Claws are not just a defense mechanism, but they are a way of life for your cat.  Should your cat be outdoors, it needs its claws for running, jumping, climbing, hunting, and most any physical activity.

Are there solutions for saving your household furnishings?  The answer is most definitely yes!  You can provide them with and teach them to use scratching alternatives, be sure to clip their claws once a week just above the pink area, or use a means to divert them from their target.  Some of these include spraying your furniture with a repellent, though we advocate the use of Soft Paws, which uses adhesive to glue onto the front claws.  Soft Paws also manufactures adhesive tape for furnishings; it feels sticky to your cat, something it does not appreciate!  Please click here for more cat scratching solutions.

What about your soft flesh?  Well, our only answer to that question is if you’re afraid of getting a couple scratches, you should probably get fish instead.

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