Pets are paws-itively good for your health

Pet owners know the kind of love, affection and happiness a pet can bring to their lives. But, did you know pets can also have serious health benefits? An article this month from the New Zealand Herald highlights some of the paw-sitive effects pets can have on their owners.exercise-with-dog

The most obvious benefit is physical. Pets that require activity challenge their owners to satisfy their proclivity for play. Dog owners in particular are more likely to reach the recommended 150 minutes a week of exercise.

Additionally, pets like horses and dogs mandate that their owners to spend time outside. It has been found that “people who are physically active outdoors daily have a stronger immune system.”  The benefits, though, don’t necessarily just come from the outdoors. It’s proven that simply the presence of animals in the home helps lower the heart rate and blood pressure, primarily from petting. When the sympathetic nervous system is less active, “the body releases fewer stress hormones such as adrenaline.”

These are just a few of the health benefits outlined in this article and recent studies. To learn more about adopting a pet and experiencing some of these positive and life-enhancing benefits, visit