Status: Adopted
Type: Dog
Breed(s): Terrier Mix
Size: Small (11-20 Pounds)
Age: Baby (Under 1 year)
Gender: Male
Hair: Medium
Colors: Grey/White
Pattern: Solid

A report from Wolfie’s foster:

We have sweet Wolfie :). When we picked him up Kyle had to take him in the crate as he was extremely scared, and sitting at the back of it not willing to get out. We stopped at Petco and I worked on it in the parking lot. I explained the situation to the guy and 3 minutes later Wolfie and I were snuggling and playing in the back seat ! ;)) Davis (our dog) greeted him happily and he is now running around wagging at everyone (my sister is in town, so he’s got 3 snugglers), humping my sis, jumping on my lap as I type this and being a crazy puppy!
And he does seem to be house-trained.
What else can I say 😉 A sweet playful gem so far. We’ll socialize him with other people as much as we can but I’d say he’ll be good to go by tomorrow ;).

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