Status: Adopted
Type: Dog
Size: Small (11-20 Pounds)
Age: Young (1 to 3 years)
Hair: Medium
Colors: Black, Brown, Grey
Pattern: Patches

Breed: Terrier Mix
Color: Black/Brown/Gray
Gender: male
Approx. 12 lbs.

WiFi is truly a heartbreaker. We saw him cowering in his cage at the shelter- shivering and obviously in pain. The shelter workers think he was hit by a car and then dumped there – but he had been sitting in this cage for weeks and obviously needed medical attention. We brought him to a surgeon right away, and luckily there are no broken bones – but his 4 front teeth were hanging be a thread. Poor guy! We pulled them and now he is on pain meds. He is very shy. We think once he feels better he will come around though!