Vixen needs a foster!
Status: Adopted
Type: Cat
Size: Small (11-20 Pounds)
Age: Adult (3 to 8 years)
Gender: Female
Hair: None
Colors: Grey
Pattern: Solid

Shy and sweet, this delicate kitty LOVES to play!  A stick, yarn, ribbon, a reed, especially a lazar beam, and she is up and down the stairs, over the bed and up the wall.  She’ll do doughnuts to the left and to the right. She even tells you when she wants to play (meow) and leads you down to the playroom. She likes to be where you are and curl up in a chair while you work. If she doesn’t know where you are she calls or you (meow.) Not a lap cat, she was first abused and then neglected so she is slow to warm, but loving once she is sure she can trust you. She may sneak up and climb on top of you when she thinks you’re asleep. Scratch under her collar with one hand (two can grab) and run your hand down her back to see the white cottony fur stripes appear under the black hair. Good with animals because she has always been “low cat” on the totem pole and defers to them. But she once was the only pet with five students so she always had someone to accompany but no one who smothered her. She was most happy there. She has never scratched more than her picking post nor tried to bite even when held against her will. But she will go crazy if not put down. She was traumatized as a kitten. MuchLove saved her life and her sight. Now we need to find her a really good home with adults who understand what happened to her when she was so small and how to respect her feelings now.

Vixen has her feet crossed hoping that we can find her a good, patient loving “forever home.”

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