Ricky needs a foster!
Status: Adopted
Type: Dog
Breed(s): Jack Russell
Size: Small (11-20 Pounds)
Age: Senior (8+ years)
Gender: Male
Hair: Short
Colors: White/Tan
Pattern: Patches

Hello! I’m Ricky (formerly Rick Ross). I’m a 12-year-old full Jack Russell Terrier and have lived with my adopted sister Roo for 7 years. I love being with her and always sleep right up against her or sit on the couch next to her. Belly rubs are my weakness! I am older, but sometimes really love to play fetch with my plush dolls and will bring the doll to you if I’m ready to play. I can sleep in my doggie bed or in bed with you, whatever you prefer. I’m housetrained, but am older so need to go out more frequently to help make sure I don’t have an accident in the house. When I’m on leash with my sister Roo, I am a little more aggressive towards other dogs because I have back up! When I want something, I will look at you or bark until you figure it out. Usually it’s either to go outside or because I need some more water. I drink a little fast so don’t given me too much at a time.

Part of a pair with his sister Roo. It would be great to find them a home together, but if not, Ricky needs a home with a fur-sibling. Ricky is 13 lbs.