Status: Adopted
Type: Dog
Breed(s): Chihuahua
Size: Small (11-20 Pounds)
Age: Senior (8+ years)
Gender: Female
Hair: Short
Colors: Grey/White
Pattern: Patches

If you’re looking for the perfect, low-key pet to keep you company in your new work-from-home life, look no further than our sweet senior gal Nina. Though a bit timid (who isn’t these days) Nina is a happy gal whose 11-year-old tail is always wagging. She is housebroken, isn’t about silly barking games (when her foster’s dog barks, she doesn’t participate), and can hoof it for about 25 minutes on a walk, but may just be a bit out of practice.

She has cute little snores when sleeping, but sleeps through the night with no issues despite her somewhat heavy breathing. We’re still working on her confidence on car rides, but will follow you wherever you go and is always an enthusiastic belly rub recipient.