Mr. Watson

Status: Adopted
Type: Dog
Breed(s): Cocker Spaniel
Size: Medium (21-45 Pounds)
Age: Adult (3 to 8 years)
Gender: Male
Hair: Long
Colors: Tan/White
Pattern: Patches

UPDATE FROM HIS FOSTER: From his temperament, I can’t imagine that Mr. Watson never had a family because he’s very calm and loves being with “his people.” For example, he loves being outside, but he really only likes to hang in our backyard if we are there. When we come inside, he comes along. He would do really well with someone who likes to take him on walks as well – especially with his limited sight he seems to really love being out with all the smells and walking around. But other than that, he’s really content to lay near you, get some love and snuggles. He just needs lots of loving. He will sleep in your bed if you let him but we’ve had a dog bed for him and he’s been perfectly happy there. He’s really a wonderful dog – he’s been great with our kids. He listens fairly well, though we haven’t done much in the way of really trying to “train” him – but he knows how to sit and understands when we tell him to “back up” (from the front door as we are trying to come in and he’s wiggling around trying to greet us) or “lay down” (away from the kitchen table while we eat instead of under it waiting for the kids to drop everything, haha).

Mr Watson is about 5 years old and loves a good walk everyday as much as he loves a good snooze on the sofa. He’s very patient and gentle around children and other dogs, though he prefers both to be more on the chill side . Snuggles and love are better to him than toys and playing games – but if a game of chase is happening, he’s been known to romp around a bit. Mostly, he is just looking for a home where he can feel included – he wants to be where the people are. He’s completely housebroken and while he enjoys the outdoors, it’s only when people are with him, so he prefers to live indoors. He does great in the car and loves getting out with his people. He will sleep in bed with you if you let him, but he’s also happy to snuggle on his own bed knowing you are near.