Status: Adopted
Type: Dog
Breed(s): English Coonhound
Size: Large (46-80 Pounds)
Age: Adult (3 to 8 years)
Gender: Female
Hair: Short
Colors: Tan/White
Pattern: Patches

FRESH SPRING UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER: Just an little update: Madras is doing so well. She loves her walks and especially loves running around the park off leash. She runs like a puppy, so cute. We think any active person who wants a chill dog and likes to take long walks would be a great match for her. Maddie does get a bit startled if she is sleeping and someone touches her, may not be great for toddlers and babies. She hasn’t bitten anyone but comes out teeth baring with a warning bark—she isn’t in any way aggressive or dangerous, but we should be cautious and let whoever is interested in her know this. We just let her know we are coming if she is sleeping soundly and wake her up a bit by calling her name before touching her and she is her sweet and gentle self.

She should/ or does really well if she can have a playmate, someone with a younger dog would be excellent with her as she is super tolerant of all dogs and loves to play with all toys and is a good role model for our dog who is high energy.

She is a beautiful Coon Hound, everyone says so.  She understands NO and is eager to please.
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Her whole personality changes when she is with another dog and she comes alive and gets very playful. She loves other pooches and she would definitely do best with another dog.