Status: Adopted
Type: Cat
Breed(s): Cat
Size: Small (11-20 Pounds)
Age: Young (1 to 3 years)
Gender: Female
Hair: Short
Colors: Black
Pattern: Solid

Lolita tableUPDATE FROM HER FOSTER: Lolita is an adorable little “tuxedo” kitty.  She loves to play with her kitty “mouse” and “ball” toys and scratch her cardboard box.  She enjoys looking outside the window and watching people go in and out of their apartments and spying on the other neighbor kitties sitting at their windows too!  Lolita likes to be wherever you are.  When you come home, she will run to the door to greet you.  She loves to get her head and cheeks scratched.   She doesn’t necessarily want to just sit on your lap, but would rather  follow you around if you go from the living room to the kitchen or to the bathroom or sit on the floor or stool nearby while you are watching TV.  Wherever you are, she needs to be close by.  Sometimes she will sit quietly contented with the sun shining on her through the window, dozing and relaxing.  And speaking of quiet, she doesn’t feel the need to be vocal at all.  I have only heard her meow twice.  She must feel she can communicate more effectively with her expression and her eyes, which are very beautiful by the way.  Lolita is very neat and knows how to use her cat box.  She sleeps quietly on the bed, but at the foot and isn’t at all a nuisance at night.  She isn’t unusually skittish or scared which is pretty remarkable after what she has been through.  Little Lady Lolita is a sweet and wonderful little girl!

This cat was dumped at the vet’s parking lot, and we are so happy to have her! She is a gorgeous, healthy, and friendly 2-4 year old little gal.

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