Status: Adopted
Type: Cat
Breed(s): DSH Orange Tabby
Size: Small (11-20 Pounds)
Age: Adult (3 to 8 years)
Gender: Male
Hair: Short
Colors: Orange Tabby
Pattern: Brindle

UPDATE FROM HIS FOSTER: He is a great cat. He is very active and runs and plays a lot every day with my youngest female cat. He likes to wrestle with the other boy cats too. He has always had other playful cats around him so he really needs that. He loves to cuddle with other cats too. He’s friendly, will play with toys with me and lets me pet him and trim his nails. However, he is not a cuddler with people. I know that’s a deal breaker for some people, so I want to just be up front about the fact that he isn’t going to be really affectionate with humans. He likes us but he really only loves other cats. 🙂 He’s also really good with dogs.

He’s not a very talkative cat. If he’s trying to get someone else to play with him he will be a little vocal but I rarely hear him talk outside of that.

Grant is everyone’s friend! He is always hanging out with someone whether he is playing (which he does a lot) or napping cuddled up next to another cat, He LOVES his foster siblings. He’s not a loner, and really needs a friendly and playful kitty buddy or two! Grant even likes spending time and playing with the dog in his foster home. He is a really well behaved boy and will make a great addition to a home looking to find a companion for another friendly cat.