Felix needs a foster!
Status: Adopted
Type: Cat
Breed(s): Black kitty cat
Size: Mini (<10 Pounds)
Age: Baby (Under 1 year)
Gender: Male
Hair: Short
Colors: Black
Pattern: Solid

NEEDS FOSTER WITHOUT CATS: This sleek all-black kitty is all fun. Either playing or cuddling Felix goes all out. He chases anything that moves including feet, string, balls, and he loves his reed. He does donuts left and right chasing the reed, jumping as high as five feet.  Afraid of nothing he slips out and runs down the hall without stopping to look in all directions for dangers as most cats do. He is afraid of nothing, certainly not his 16 pound older and super-tranquil foster brother whom Felix regularly jumps on. He is a real snuggle-bug and loves to cuddle. Felix needs someone who likes to cuddle and wants to play a lot with him, at least until he grows up. Here are some YouTube videos of the little guy: