Status: Adoptable
Type: Dog
Breed(s): Shiba Inu / Husky mix
Size: Large (46-80 Pounds)
Age: Senior (8+ years)
Gender: Female
Hair: Medium
Colors: Golden, White
Pattern: Patches

Notes & Info


If Sweet Dee were on a job interview and asked about her biggest weakness it would be that she just cares too much. She’s always obedient and willing to please. And she’s a sucker for a belly rub. Her strengths include being an early or late riser, depending on what the household wants. She values cleanliness, as she keeps her bathroom breaks for the outdoors and never looks for a snack in the trash. She adores people, especially ones who adore her in response. And while Dee absolutely loves laying around outside, she’s up at a moment’s notice and full of joy and energy for a long or short walk. She also works well with others, loving to play with other dogs. (Off leash situations are better.) So if you’re looking to hire a well-trained go-getter and napper who can immediately add a smile to your staff, hire Dee today!

Relaxing weekend at the beach


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