Status: Adopted
Type: Dog
Breed(s): Potcake
Size: Small (11-20 Pounds)
Age: Young (1 to 3 years)
Gender: Male
Hair: Short
Colors: Tan
Pattern: Solid

One of our lead volunteers met this little fellow on the beach during her vacation and just had to rescue him. We are so proud of her and happy that she did. Here is his bio:

Caico was rescued from Turks & Caicos in March 2015. His rescuer found him living on the beach in between two restaurants, waiting quietly and patiently for any kindness shown to him. He lived with a pack of dogs almost twice his size, some who are likely the ones to have inflicted the nasty wounds and scars he was found to have on him. Because his size was no defense, Caico learned to be submissive with other dogs. Because his only food source was people, he developed an extremely friendly and social personality towards them. Caico is one amazing dog, and his rescuer couldn’t leave the island knowing what his fate would be if he were to stay.
He is a breed local to Turks & Caicos referred to as “potcake”, after the leftovers that cake in the bottom of a pan of cooked food, which has traditionally been the scraps that locals have fed them. According to Wikipedia, they are a loyal, intelligent, calm breed – typically about 45-50 lbs, much larger than Caico at only 30 lbs. Strays on the island have a life expectancy of 3 years and usually die a violent and/or painful death caused by heartworm disease, dog attacks, fatal infections, or killed by cars.

Caico is about 1 year old, great with all animals (especially loves to play with other dogs), quiet, easygoing, and would make a great companion for someone with a lot of love to give. He’s neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated.