Status: Adopted
Type: Dog
Breed(s): Shepherd Mix
Size: Medium (21-45 Pounds)
Age: Young (1 to 3 years)
Gender: Female
Hair: Medium
Colors: Black & Tan
Pattern: Patches
Meet Miss Bodhi. Her pictures say it all, but we’re happy to elaborate on this sweet young gal: she is a floppy-eared queen who is playful, friendly and looking for her forever family. She will do best as the only dog in the house, and will do best in a home with a backyard (apartments are too confining as she’s got lots of pep), but enjoys meeting dogs out and about and playing. She’s about a year old. More on Bodhi:

Bodhi is a Hound-Shepard mix. She is 65 pound fun loving dog. Great on walks, hikes and jogs. She is well behaved in the house and uses the doggie door to go outside as needed. She is also crate trained and has no problem spending an hour of two in there during the day if we need to go out. She is good in the yard on her own for short periods as well. She is happy to guard the yard protecting us from all the bird and squirrel trespassers. Once in a while she will dig a hole for us.

Bodhi’s Top 5

1. Leash trained. Walks great on a leash right by your side. She knows sit, leave it and lets go flawlessly on her walks.

2. Crate trained. She sleeps easily in her crate.  When she is tired at night she often goes in there on her own. She knows the command “box.” And when someone is at the door, she will go to her “box” on command.

3. House trained. No chewing and always goes to the bathroom in the yard via the doggie door.

4. She loves to play fetch. She can catch a ball, frisbee and dog football in the air.

5. Super beautiful pup with crazy expressive one up, one down ears. She will stare lovingly into your eyes until she guilts you into giving her a dog treat.