Status: Adopted
Type: Dog
Breed(s): Chihuahua Mix
Size: Mini (<10 Pounds)
Age: Senior (8+ years)
Gender: Male
Hair: Short
Colors: Red
Pattern: Solid

UPDATE FROM HIS FOSTER: Baloo is so easy. He’s sweet and friendly after he gets past his initial barkiness with new dogs. He’s a good little watch dog and lets me know when someone is outside the door. He is good with the cats and he loves to cuddle with me! He is pee pad trained but mostly he holds it until we go outside. He is a little scared around new people but as with the dogs if they just hold out for a few minutes he will approach and be friendly. When not in my lap, he prefers to perch up on the chair in my place and observe his domain–or nap!

This little senior Chihuahua mix is as loving and loyal as the Disney character after which he is named. Baloo still has plenty of energy to keep up on long walks, but he’s happy with shorter walks too. He’s a great size and temperament for living in an apartment. He can live with other dogs so long as they are mellow and give him his space. He is good with cats.