Status: Adopted
Type: Dog
Breed(s): Chihuahua mix
Size: Mini (<10 Pounds)
Age: Senior (8+ years)
Gender: Female
Hair: Short
Colors: Black & White
Pattern: Patches

UPDATE FROM HER FOSTER~ “Aria is good with other dogs and she loves meeting new people. She still has plenty of energy to go for walks but she prefers a leisurely pace. She is a good fit for apartment living because she doesn’t need a lot of exercise or a yard, just a few walks in the fresh air each day. She’s also very quiet. She would do well as an only pet but is fine sharing her home with other dogs and cats. She loves belly rubs and affection from people and will happily cuddle with you for as long as you like.”

How does a sweet senior gal like Aria end up in the shelter? We don’t get it but we were so thrilled to get her! She needs to gain a little weight, the stressful shelter environment wasn’t easy on her. She could use some leash training but she thoroughly enjoys going out for walks and she’s tiny so even if she is all over the place she’s not hard to control.  She has large expressive eyes and watches you as you speak to her as if she truly understands what you are saying. She has medium to low energy and is happy to nap away her day but jumps up when it’s time for a walk.