Paradise Found: Fostering For Much Love

-6Harlow and ArtieThe images that you see here are not fake! Yes, dogs and cats CAN get along and ARE actually this cute in real life! Artie the kitten (pictured here sleeping with former Much Love foster dog and now adopted dog Harlow) is being fostered by the same couple who are also fostering Tamar, the impossibly cute terrier in the other photo! All of this love and cuteness was made possible by our amazing fosters. If you don’t think you’re ready to adopt but want to help, please consider fostering a dog or cat for Much Love. Every foster home we have equals one more animal making it out of the shelter. We provide out foster families with food, supplies, toys, and anything else they need. They just supply the love and TLC. Please contact us at if you are interested. And check out our foster page for more detailed information and an application.

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