One year ago today…update on FRITO!!

fritoJanuary 19th is the one-year anniversary of Kevin and I adopting the love of our lives—Frito! He is the most wonderful three-legged wondermutt ever. At first, we felt bad for Frito because he’s missing a leg, but he doesn’t miss a beat: he runs faster than we do (much to our chagrin) and he still needs 2 hours of exercise everyday to keep him happy. Frito never fails to put a smile on our faces, he keeps us laughing with his silliness, and he’s the best snuggler in the whole world. Thank you so much for believing in his potential and rescuing him from the shelter, and especially for allowing us to love and care for him. We’re planning to get Frito certified as a therapy dog in the coming months so he can visit other amputees and share his smile with those who need it.

People often say that Frito is a lucky dog because we adopted him. Kevin and I know that we’re the lucky ones. We couldn’t imagine life without our Frito Burrito, so thank you!

Much Love,
Cassandra, Kevin, and Frito Burritofritocowboy

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