NORA – Finally Home!

If you are a regular at our mobile adoptions, you know NORA! She was with us for awhile and unfortunately was returned from a few homes because it wasn’t quite the right fit. Well, now we know she was just waiting for Kit & Ann to meet her and fall in love! We knew if she could just find a home that was mellow and she could follow around her people all day – she would be in heaven. Kit & Ann have given her that home and she is happy as can be! Please read the wonderful update we received today. We are all SO very happy for Nora and thank Kit & Ann for giving her the life she deserves!

Note from Kit & Ann:
She immediately replaced our last dog’s place, in our hearts and in our van. Only one problem, once she’s in the truck, she doesn’t want to get back out; unless we’re at the beach.

She is in my truck almost every time it leaves the house. The first time that the truck left the house without her, she immediately pee’d on the rug. We had a little “talk” and we discovered that Nora learns real fast.

This week she will be introduced to her veterinarian and we’ll make certain that she gets all that she needs.

Much thanks to MuchLove for your great work.

Kit & Ann

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