NEWPORT has a perfect forever home for the holidays


Newports office photo

I want to personally thank all of you and my daughter Stephanie for giving me the opportunity to adopt Newport. He is the most loving, obedient and devoted dog that anybody could ever wish for. He has fit into our household like he has always been part of the family. He goes everywhere with me on errands, to work where all of my associates just love him and have adopted him as the office mascot. You will see one photo where he is looking out the window of my office. We have already worked up a routine, 45 minute walk in the morning and the evening. The rest of the day is for working at the office, playing in yard, running errands, and just being lazy. Once again thank you for Newport and my daughter Stephanie can’t wait to come down and see him at Christmas. Newport also has 2 yellow lab cousins that Stehanie’s mom has that Newport loves to play with. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you at the Much Love Animal Rescue Center and for all the great work you do.


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