Much Loving Saturdays at Pardee Properties in Venice!

Patty and VolunteerSaturday on Abbot Kinney was fantastic. The Pardee people are very welcoming and helpful and the traffic is non-stop. The interaction is really valuable – we gave out tons of ML cards to people wanting to look at the website or attend a Sunday event. We received an application for Emma within minutes of opening up and another for Patty half way through the event. Both seem like winners. We also received two foster applications and both seemed quality, as well.

The dogs were very well behaved. Emma was the star of the day by far. Patty was adorably crawling into Emma’s bed to spoon. Louise barked her head off when Larry drove away. That lasted about 10-15 minutes but then she calmed down and mostly kept to herself, a little shy. We heard a rumor that Louise was snappy with children but didn’t know for a fact so unsure what to tell people on that front. Jorah was easy going.

We received $80 in donations including $40 from a couple who adopted last week and were so happy they came back to say thank you.

Overall this location is fantastic and such a great opportunity to spread the word. Thanks to Volunteers Elizabeth and Matt for a great day and a great team!

Attached is a photo of Emma and Patty. Emma the pug is 12 years old went to her new home Monday. She was left behind at a local dog kennel when her mama went into the hospital, and unfortunately passed away with no next of kin who could take her. Patty is a supper silly young black pup. Hopefully moving into her new home early this week!

Thanks everyone! Looking forward to doing this event every Saturday starting in March!