Much Love Pup Cheryl Finds a Home and Grows Some Ears!

Cheryl AdoptedWe love hearing from our adopters and getting pictures! Here is a note from Cheryl’s (now named Coco) new family:

Cheryl, now Coco is doing great. As she loves to jump on everyone and chew everything, of course! We have a dog trainer who is teaching us and our kids how to handle her and teach her the basic rules. Rainer, her foster parent did already a great job and we don’t have many accidents. She spends the night without any fuss in her crate with her old blanket and toys which helped a lot. She goes everyday several times with me on walks or plays in the garden hunting and fetching ball. I guess at this point she is only missing other dogs but after that last vaccination we’ll have plenty of opportunities to socialize with the neighborhood dogs.

Thank you so much for checking in. Here is a picture, Coco with our son.