Much Love Kitten Alum BETTY PAIGE is a happy cat!

Name: Betty Paige Wolf

Age: 3 years

Hometown: Los Angeles

Hobbies/Interests: pouncing on my adopted big sister Crystal, teasing adopted Much Love dog, Bruno, chasing laser pointer, napping and drinking from the bathroom faucet.

Background: I was part of a litter of kittens bottle fed by a nice vet tech. Fortunately for me and my siblings, some wonderful girls from Much Love Animal Rescue stepped in to help us find homes. I was shifted around between a few foster homes and my foster wasn’t very good about getting me to the adoption events. I ended up with moving in with Nancy (aka Mom) who eventually just adopted me because she says she fell in love with my “goofy personality” whatever that means.

Quirks/Personality: a chatty girl, but not overly so, voracious appetite for food and play, I refuse to eat kibble crumbs and I throw them out of my bowl in every direction. Not a big fan of people food except for ice cream and chips (potato, tortilla, nacho cheese doritos–doesn’t matter I love them all). Overall I’m just a happy, affectionate girl.

Areas of Needed Improvement: Mom says I need to learn how to bury my poop… whatever, at least it’s in the litter box. And although I’m getting better, I’m still a bit of a skittish girl who startles easily at sounds and movements.

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