Mother Theresa & her kittens need your help!

Meet Theresa otherwise known as “Mother Theresa” as she is the most giving selfless cat we have met!  Rescued from certain death from the North Central shelter with her 4 nursing, 3 week old kittens, Theresa seemed to be in perfect health and a very good mom.. Within 24 hours Theresa became violently ill but still kept nursing those kittens even with a raging fever and in clear pain. It turned out she had a dead kitten inside her and required emergency surgery. Right out of surgery she was nursing those kittens even as horrible as she must of felt and as tender as her stomach area was, but her kittens came first. She stayed strong and dedicated to her kittens, but 24 hours later, she and her kittens broke with horrible upper respiratory infections making it impossible for any of them the breath properly or nurse. We did everything we could, but given how tiny they were, and the difficulty in treating them, we sadly had to put two of the kittens down as they were suffering…On the bright side it’s been 2 weeks and the other 2 are doing great!  We have named them Peter and Francis as they are both little saints and miracles in their own right.  Quite frankly neither Theresa nor any of her kittens should be alive today, but they are finally out of the woods and thriving.

Needless to say, the cost of keeping this sweet family alive has been very expensive.  We at Much Love Animal Rescue will spare no cost in helping our sick animals, but we need your help to do so.  Our bills for Theresa, Francis, and Peter are in the $3000 range at this point.  On top of that it is kitten season and the shelters are overflowing with hundreds of other Theresa’s and their litters waiting to be rescued.  In order to continue to care for Theresa and her kittens, and have any hope of rescuing any of the many litters set to die at the shelters, we need your donations!!!

Please let us know if you can make a tax deductable donation, and/or if you are interested in fostering or adopting Theresa, Francis, or Peter.

Checks should be made out to :

Much Love Animal Rescue
PO Box 341721
LA, CA 90034-1721

Please indicate if you are donating specifically to Theresa and her kittens.

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