ML Dog ZIGGY – getting triple the love!

zig2Update from Ziggy’s mom Alexandria!

I am attaching some pictures of our beautiful dog Ziggy with his brother and sisters (the Triplets).  Ziggy is the most loving, sweet, and gentle dog.  When we got Ziggy in October 09, he showed signs of separation anxiety and possible abuse in the fact that he never made any sound.  We thought maybe he was punished when he barked because it was very unusual for a dog not make any sounds.  Our family gave Ziggy lots of love and hugs and many long walks.  On Christmas eve, Ziggy heard a sound outside the front door.  I was in the kitchen and I suddenly heard a dog bark.  I asked my kids if the door was open and they said “no, it was Ziggy.”  My daughter Leila burst into tears of happiness.  She was so happy to hear Ziggy bark because she felt that he knew he was loved and wanted to protect the family.  Ziggy only barks once in a while but we know he is happier than he has ever been.  Thanks to Much Love for bringing this wonderful new addition into our lives.

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